17 pounds of spotted bass. 2 fish. These were not caught on Clear Lake.

9.5# flipping tules

a 7 and a 9 pounder

My first ten pounder- Huddleston

9 pounder
10 Pounder - Huddleston

5 pound spotted bass.
Lake Berryessa

Your Guide
Adam Martin

I have been fishing for bass since the age of five.  Many other species of fish have tempted me for short periods of time, but I always return to my first love.  I have fished for bass from my birth state of Michigan to Maine to Florida and have searched all around this country looking for the best bass fishing available.  Ten years ago I moved to northern California, specifically to be close to Clear Lake.   I will never move again.  I have found my home.

Tournament Highlights:
  • 2016 Triton Western Team Tournament - 1st Place
  • 2013 Stratos Owners Tournament. 1st Place
  • 100% BASS - February 3rd - 5th place 
  • $100,000 America's Vanity Cup - March 10-11 -7th place
  • American Bass - March 24th - 3rd place
  • American Bass - July 8th - 4th place
  • U.S. Angler's Choice Pro Am - August 11th -Big Bag day two
  • U.S. Angler's Choice Pro Am - August 11th -Big Bass #8.88
  • U.S. Angler's Choice Pro Am - August 11th -Flipping Champion
  •  U.S. Angler's Choice - September 23rd -5th place
  • U.S. Angler's Choice-November 17th -2nd place

What your personal guide has to offer:

  • 37+ years of bass fishing experience
  • 10+ years fishing on Clear Lake
  • 16+ years in tournaments
  • Qualified for Tournament of Champions in every circuit ever fished.

 I have spent my life hunting bass exclusively, and will provide you with a fun day on the water, specifically catered to your needs.  

You need to decide what kind of trip you want:

  • To learn how to catch bass on Clear Lake, and more importantly, how to apply what you have learned to your own home waters.
  •  To develop confidence in a new technique (swimbaits, dropshot, shaky head, or whatever you wish to learn).
  • To go out and catch lots of fish.
  • To bring your child along to develop a love of fishing.
  • To catch bass with live bait (seasonal).

 Whether you are beginning or experienced, you will learn how and where to catch fish... not just spend your day hoping for a bite! 

8.5# Deep Cranking
7.5# Swimbait
10 pounds. Swimbait.

12.5 Pounds

Just under 10 pounds