Why Clear Lake

The New Bass Capital of America?  

Formerly known as the Bass Capital of the West, Clear Lake is quickly becoming the Bass Capital of America.  With over 43,000 acres of surface area, thousands of docks, and uncountable numbers of largemouth bass, Clear Lake is becoming a popular destination for fisherman all over the world.  

 The reason for the amazing fishing is the huge amount of baitfish that the lake contains.  Sometimes the shad are so thick that you can't see through them to the bottom of the lake in crystal clear 5 foot deep water.  At other times the algae will be blooming, causing the lake to turn a greenish hue.  This hue is the building block for life in the lake.  The algae feeds microorganisms, which in turn feed shad, which make the bass fat and plentiful.

Clear Lake has such a huge variety of cover and structure that you can catch fish on almost any technique, if you know how and where to catch them.  That's where a guide comes in.

 Local anglers have a huge advantage over those visiting for a day, a week, or a month.  Locals are on the water every day, and can always figure out where to catch the fish.   

When you hire Whoop Bass Guide Service at the beginning of your fishing trip to Clear Lake, you will be put on fish and provided with the strategies you need to make the rest of your fishing trip enjoyable...not frustrating.

Quotes from Bassmaster Elite Anglers

 “...perhaps the best bass fishery in the country...”
By Sam Eifling
ESPNOutdoors.com — April 1, 2007

LAKEPORT, Calif. — “Big fish, big bags and big numbers equaled a big time for the Bassmaster Elite Series anglers this week on Clear Lake,
which lived up to its billing as the nation’s No. 1
bass lake.”
By Mike Suchan
ESPNOutdoors.com — April 1, 2007

“I love this lake. I love this lake,” Pete Ponds, Elite Series Angler. screamed after weighing in Sunday.
By Mike Suchan
ESPNOutdoors.com — April 1, 2007