Clear Lake Fishing Report


             The weather this year has caused quite a few problems on Clear Lake.  It was very cold, with only a few of those warm periods we usually get.  This means that fishing was hot and cold...literally.  One day I would go fishing and catch 50+ fish between 3 and 5 pounds.  The next day, three.

            Fish were heavily grouped up, and would only eat when they felt like it.  We have had tons of rain, which should make for a tremendous spring whenever it finally decides to warm up. 

            Minnows are still the only sure fire way to catch bass consistently.

Tournament Results - January 9th 2010

           My partner and I finished 6th in this tournament out of 37 boats.  We caught 14 fish and our best five weighed 18 pounds. All of our fish came on swim baits.  Only 13 teams had limits.  22 pounds won the tournament.


Early January 2010

             Minnow fishing continues to be outstanding this month.  The only thing that changed is that they are either a bit easier to find, or they are just a bit more active.  Lots of 3-5 pounders continue to be caught with regularity.  Twenty fish days are quite common.  Bigger fish show up from time to time.


        Swim bait fishing has picked up significantly.  I am still catching them in a huge variety of depths.  On the weekend of January 16th and 17th I caught a couple of seven pounders, 4 five pounders, and quite a few 3 to 4 pounders…all on swimbaits.  Bigger fish are now eating swim baits.  The rain has made the fishing up north kind of tricky, but I did catch an eight pounder on the 23rd.


December 2009

 Minnow fishing has been great on Clear Lake in December.  The water is clear and cold - perfect conditions for hanging a wriggly minnow in a bass’ face.  The bass are in small groups and can be tough to find.  Once you find them you can catch 5-10 fish in a short amount of time.  Clients this month all caught more than 15 fish.  Most fish were between 3 and 5 pounds with a few smaller ones, and a few in the 6 to 7 pound range.

Lure fishing has been tougher.  I am a swim bait addict and have been catching nearly all of my fish on swim baits.  Fish that were willing to eat swim baits were in very specific locations anywhere from 3 to 25 feet deep.  Bites varied from 3-20 per day, and the number of bites varied wildly from day to day.